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Apply for Twitch's incubator program that helps artists grow and earn money directly from fans on Twitch

DistroKid & Twitch have partnered to help artists work more closely with the Twitch music team, and build thriving communities on Twitch.

Artists selected by Twitch for the program will get ongoing support from Twitch, and be eligible for prioritized discovery, promotion, and activations from Twitch, Discord, and other industry partners.

First, join DistroKid

DistroKid artists new to Twitch and those who have already begun streaming can apply.

How to get started with streaming.

Twitch has all the info you need to go live, build your community and earn money doing what you love.

Need more help?

Join the Twitch Music Assist community on Discord for advice from Twitch music creators on hardware, software and setting up your channel.