New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc by M DOC Diego & Sinamatik - DistroKid
New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc
M DOC Diego & Sinamatik
New Jersey/ Rochester New York
Upstate New York emcee M Doc Diego links up with New Jersey producer Sinamatik who's worked with Crotona P, Pab Montega, Mr Ripley and more. New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc features from Street Da' Villan, Sauce Yin, Gustavo Louis, Isis Aset ,and GNyce.
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DITCD CD (physicals)
Bo Kane Visualizer (HHeadz)
Mind On Da Paper Insomniac Mag (video)
HHeadz ( Mind On Da Paper video)
Yo Komix Raps (Mind On Da Paper video)
World Wide Hip Hop
Paper Chaser Dot Com (Mind On Da Paper video)
Limitless Mag (Mind On Da Paper visual)
Off The Ave (Mind On Da Paper visual)
Insomniac Mag (New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc)
Spit Fire Hip Hop
HHEADZ New Jersey 2 Drive Da Roc (LP)
Yo Komix Raps
Album Of The Year
Infinite Banter Podcast (New Jersey Drive 2 Da Chi)
Mind On Da Paper (official video Paka)
Real Rap Family (Big Business)
Boom Bap Video Attack ( Mind On Da Paper)
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