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Fort Worth
Kofi Kusi is a Ghanaian rap artist, a photographer, and a pharmacist in research. In this project, and in concert with five featured artists, he dissects psychological and socio-cultural issues of long-standing debate as he calls himself out on them.
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Lyric Videos
5foot3 lyric video
5foot3, the process
What is your 5foot3 ? The Confessions
50 + 1 shades of grey
Featured Artists (Class of 2022)
Agyeibea (Cupboard monitor)
Justina (Front seater)
Kwaku Li Diaw (Blackboard cleaner)
Victor Morgan (Truant)
Makafui Dawoe (Class prefect)
Michael Adjaloo (Class teacher)
RdeeBeatz (Bell boy)
Freestyles you may have missed
No where cool
My greatest fear
The Pray Challenge (the NBA pun game)
Breakdown by Preachers
Second-hand dreams
With Joynews on Track 4- How personal biases influence public opinion
With Joynews on the "Skit" and "Stereotypes": Are stereotypes justifiable?
With Joynews on Track 2 (Phone Down): Discussing phone addiction
With Joynews on Track 1 (5foot3): Discussing the basis of insecurities
With Joynews on Track 1 (5foot3): How to flip your insecurity
Song Lyrics
English Translations (unannotated)
Track 1 : 5foot3
Track 2: Phone Down
Track 4: Stereotypes
Track 5: Dream Olympics
Track 6: Pentecost Signboard
Track 7: Let it be
Fortworth Weekly- Kookusi’s humble rap
5foot3 adjudged album of the week: myjoyonline
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