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your music.
Stop jackasses from stealing your music and uploading it to streaming services without your permission.
How it works
Upload Your Music For Free
Upload your original songs to DistroLock and we create the acoustic fingerprint.
We Secure The Fingerprint
We note that the audio is "locked" when music services ask. Only you can unlock it.
You're Protected
We also register your audio with other leading audio detection services.
Helps musicians, labels, and studios
DistroLock makes it harder for anyone (who's not you) to upload your original music to streaming services.
Acoustic fingerprinting
DistroLock extracts an "acoustic fingerprint," logs it, and then deletes your audio from our servers.
Validation for music services
DistroLock provides a free API that allows any music distributor, streaming service, or social network to cross-reference incoming audio with DistroLock's fingerprint database. And then block unauthorized releases.
Block everywhere
DistroLock can also register your music with leading detection services including Audible Magic . Some of these services can detect matches even if the audio has been sped up, pitch-shifted, or otherwise altered. Many music services utilize these services to block unauthorized releases, including YouTube, DistroKid, SoundCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and others.
Run a music service? Help protect artists by detecting unauthorized uploads.
Find out more about our API.
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